About me_old

I am married and daddy to 3 kids, living in Uppsala, Sweden. I work with marketing, design and music.

People say I am an entrepreneur and a doer. At least I am an administrator, who has always loved music. In 1986 I started my first band and have been involved in bands or musical projects ever since.

As current bass-player for Narnia, former guitar player for Swedish metalcore-band Safemode, founder and former guitarist in the rock/pop-bands bob K, and Unchained, I have toured in Latin America and in Europe. This journey has included everything from small club gigs for 40 people to arena concerts with 10 000 festival participants in the audience.

Photo: Iana Domingos
Narnia live in Belo Horizonte, Brazil
April 30th, 2017

I played bass with worship-leader/rocker David Castañeda, and I have also been honored to occasionally perform with artists like Jerusalem, Ulf Christiansson, NoIcE, BIG, Simon Ådahl, and Kevin Max (dcTalk / Audio Adrenaline).

Today I am also a multi musician in singer/songwriter/indie rock-collective Grand Trunk Travellers, and studio musician, songwriter and producer for my daughters’ band Songkids.

I like melodies, epic soundscapes and energy.

You can find some of the projects I have been involved in the Discography-section.

Photo: Jeffrey Heijnen
Safemode live at Fearless Festival in The Netherlands
May 30th, 2015

Custom music to others
As a part of the songwriter-collective Claustrophonics I wrote and sang the song “Return of the Champion” for New Sweden Boxing’s national TV-show. I have also written some tv-jingles for production companies.

Recording, overdubs and producing
If you need a drummer for a hardcore-album, some ambient shimmer guitar-overdubs, strings-arrangements for your new song, programmed drumloops to fresh up your drumbeats, your bass-lines recorded with a crunchy Rickenbacker, warmness from an harmonium-organ, some tones from a glockenspiel or marxophone, or a nice producer – contact me or some of my friends on Music Makers United! I co-operate with a wide range of musicians, singers and producers. Let me know what you need, and I’m happy to help you find the right people!

Management, record labels and publishing
I started my company JONO in 1999, primarily to be able to manage the economy for my band. The little company grew and expanded with booking, management, distribution, and also served as record label, and music publisher.

In 2014 JONO bought record label Adora – a worship label which I also co-founded in 2009.

Graphic design & web
Together with graphic designer Jonatan Knutes, I started Formbyrån Uppsala. We make everything from logotypes, to responsive webpages, cd-covers and books.

Premium coffee
From 2015 I joined forces with the guys from Alingsås Kafferosteri and Nordiska Kafferosteriet.
I now mainly work with the webpages, design, webshops, and branding premium coffee bags for companies and artists, like RockCoffee.se.

Interested to get in touch? Very welcome to contact me!