House On A Hill
House On A Hill

Förlorar mitt liv utan Dig

House On A Hill consists of some of my old bandmate in the brilliant band Safemode. This worship-collective is fronted by drummer Johannes Karlsson, who handles all instruments and lead vocals, backed up by his wife, Johanna Karlsson on vocals.

Another familiar voice belongs to Johanna Strågefors – the angelic voice on Safemode‘s hit Another Day Will Haunt You.

Speaking of Safemode, ex-guitarist and songwriter Juuso Savolainen handles the guitar on some songs, and bass on one of them too. Also lead singer/guitarist Tjet Gustafsson joins on guitar.

This is definitely the heaviest worship-album I have released on my label Adora Records, so far! Do NOT miss it!

Oh, I forgot to mention that I made the graphic design… 😉