Northern Lights (A Minor)

Ravel is the project name for the guitarist Andreas Rafwelsäter and the music he composes. Hailing from Finns as well as Swedes and Norwegians, the music has a nordic sound.

Andreas lives in Värmland, close to the Norwegian border. He started playing the guitar at a tender age and got his first influences from heavy metal and later moved on the bluegrass and rockabilly. Intense touring with one of Scandinavia’s most popular bands ever, pop punk band NoIcE, built him a solid reputation for guitar playing and cool stage persona, which gave him a cult like following among the bands hardcore fans.

Ravel now focus on his own brand of instrumental folk music, with roots firmly planted in the Nordic soil, and perhaps with a twist of blues and bluegrass still hidden somewhere.

I had the honor to create the logo and the cover arts for his singles.



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