By the Grace of Rock 'n' Roll

August 24, 2020, I receive a request from Starman Red in StarmenKristian Hermanson – to join the band as the new Gold Starman. Shortly afterwards, I answer yes, I shave my beard, put on my make-up and record music videos and take photos with other boys for what will be the band’s third album.

‘By the Grace of Rock ‘n’ Roll’ is the title released by Melodic Passion Records and Sound Pollution, but also in Japan by Marquee Avalon. We needed to get a cover image for the album, as well as three single covers. In Japan, they also wanted to have another cover art and a previously unreleased bonus song.

I got a creative boost in this colorful project and produced covers, partly based on Kristian’s ideas, but also some of my own little thoughts became reality.

In addition, Kristian and I dusted off my old unfinished demo song ‘Kisses of an Enemy’ which we recorded for the record and which I sing solo on.

Together with Purple Starman, or Andreas Lindgren, I wrote the song ‘Ghosts’, which only oozes Yngwie Malmsteen and which is only included on the Japanese version of the album. So feel free to shout if you come across a copy of it!

Buy the album here!

Single covers:

(Also album cover in Japan)