Viva featuring Stephen Carlson & Jonatan Samuelsson
Viva featuring Stephen Carlson & Jonatan Samuelsson


Third album in the instrumental hymn-series Viva from Adora

The albums Divina featuring Anders Mossberg (JerusalemLarm, freelance musician) and Tell Me the Story featuring Danne Tibell (JerusalemXTLarm), are now joined by a third album in Adora‘s instrumental hymn-series Viva. This time it is Stephen Carlson (BrotthoggPeter Carlsohn’s The RiseChristian Liljegren) who together with Jonatan Samuelsson (Narnia, Starmen) has recorded Selah, an album of instrumental hymns.

 This project is close to my heart. To be able to freely express myself on my instrument, is a fantastic thing and something I am happy to do with Jonatan. says Stephen Carlson about the album.

Viva is an album-series with focus on the songs rather than a certain artist. This means that the participating musicians on the albums will vary.

This time, guitarist Stephen Carlson (BrotthoggPeter Carlsohn’s The RiseChristian Liljegren) plays guitar, bass and keyboards, Jonatan Samuelsson (Narnia, Starmen) bass, keyboards and percussion, along with the drummers Johannes Karlsson (Safemode) and Magnus Forsberg (Mildrid & JamtGroovet, MamboCompaneros, freelance musician for artists like Jon Lord, Joe Lynn Turner, etc). The album is produced by the duo Stephen and Jonatan.

Well-known songs such as the Norwegian Folk hymn My Heart Always Wanders (Mitt hjerte altid vanker)I Need You More and High and Exalted are mixed with lesser known hymns, and some self-written songs.

This is first class instrumental music, that works just as well in the background as being actively listened to. 

Together the duo puts their own personal stamp on the production and the performances in this album.

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